Skinner Opus 563 - Perkins Chapel, Southern Methodist University - 2023

Ortloff Organ Company is delighted to join a team of colleagues restoring and relocating Skinner Opus 563 from Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Originally Fourth Presbyterian Church) in Manhattan to Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.


The team assembled by SMU organ curator Jason Alden includes Jonathan Ambrosino, Joe Sloane, the late Richard Houghten and Broome & Co.


Our work centers on re-engineering the organ for Perkins Chapel, erecting it in our shop with new winding and lead tube runs to fit the new layout, as well as restoration of reservoirs and wood pipes. Originally housed in a free-standing case, the organ will be divided into two existing chambers at Perkins, with an additional chamber constructed in the basement for the Echo organ, which will speak through a floor grill.


The Choir and Great were installed in January, 2023. The Swell, Echo, and console will be installed this summer.


Photos of the restoration and installation can be found in our Facebook album, here.



16        Bourdon (Pedal)

8          First Diapason

8          Second Diapason

8          Claribel Flute

4          Octave

4          Flute

2          Fifteenth

8          Tuba (in Choir)

8          French Horn (in Choir)

            Chimes (Echo)



16        Bourdon

8          Diapason

8          Rohr Flute

8          Salicional

8          Voix Celeste

8          Flauto Dolce

8          Flute Celeste

8          Aeoline

4          Octave

4          Flute Triangulaire

            Mixture, IV rks.

16        Waldhorn

8          Cornopean

8          Oboe d’Amore

8          Vox Humana








8          Concert Flute

8          Gamba

8          Dulciana

4          Flute

2 2/3   Nazard

2          Harmonic Piccolo

8          Clarinet


            Harp (Echo)

            Celesta (Echo)

            Great Reeds on Choir



8          Chimney Flute

8          Vox Humana





32        Resultant

16        Major Bass

16        Bourdon

16        Echo Bourdon (Swell)

8          Octave

8          Gedeckt

8          Still Gedeckt (Swell)

4          Flute

16        Trombone

16        Waldhorn (Swell)

8          Tromba

            Chimes (Echo)